Wonder Watt - Service Dashboard

Wonder Watt - Service Dashboard

We are excited to introduce our Wonder Watt service dashboard, currently available in beta here: https://app.wonderwatt.com.

We currently support Growatt and GivEnergy inverter systems, but are working on other inverter integrations.

Our easy-to-use dashboard is where users can manage their solar panel system settings and smart charging configuration, giving them greater control and optimisation.

Wonder Watt service dashboard
The Wonder Watt app dashboard

As we continue to refine our platform, we’re offering this beta service currently completely free to our users.

Your valuable feedback during this beta phase will help us improve the user experience, enhance features, and ensure that our platform is tailored to your needs.

We appreciate your participation and encourage you to share your insights with us as we work together to make solar energy management even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

If you have a Growatt or GivEnergy inverter, you can click the button below to access our service.