Wonder Watt testimonials & reviews

Wonder Watt testimonials & reviews

If you’re curious about the effectiveness of Wonder Watt, the feedback from various online platforms may offer some insights.

Wonder Watt users across different social media, Facebook groups, and forums have been discussing their experiences.

They report improved and smart management of their solar PV and battery system (GivEnergy or Growatt), cost savings and responsive support.

Don’t take our word for it, check out their various reviews and testimonials below.

These testimonials have been directly taken from Facebook groups including Agile Octopus, Growatt, Growatt UK as well as our own Community forums and GivEnergy forums.

“Just completed my first month on Agile and have to say I’m pretty impressed - spent 60% less compared with roughly the same energy as last month on economy 7. Definitely been helped by the easy to use agile automation through Wonder Watt to charge my battery in the cheap slots.” - Richard W.

“Used last night for the first time and worked like a charm. Thanks so much for designing and building this 🤩” - James B.

“We moved from Octopus R & D to Wonder Watt to automate charging our AIO following recommendations from this group. Easy to set up and all working perfectly so far. Thank you.” - Teresa L.

“I’ve been using Wonder Watt with Octopus Agile for 2 weeks and I’m really pleased with it. It automates the decision process within the parameters I’ve set and I can go in and easily tweak it.” - Charlie C.

“Wonder Watt is the easiest preferred at this point I think.” - Steve S.

“I’ve now been using Wonder Watt and Octopus Agile for a full month. I charge up my 6.5 kW battery each night at the lowest rates and also charge up prior to the 4pm peak… Over the last month my average has fallen to 13p. Thank you WonderWatt!” - User ‘kerregan’

“Similar story here. From Econ7 to Agile, my electricity cost for February is 60% lower than January. My average price for last 28 days has been 10.6p as opposed to average 27p. Thank you! Couldn’t have done it without Wonderful Wonder Watt” - User ‘Capt_Rich’

“Just wanted to say thank you - I’ve been using the app for the last few days and it’s been so easy to select the cheapest time slots. As someone who doesn’t have the skills or knowledge to set up Home Assistant, it’s been great to be able to manage my charging slots with just a few clicks of my mouse.” -Katheryn-A A.

“I use Wonder Watt (which is free). You avoid having to use the shockingly poor Growatt interface.” - Ben P.

“I’ve noticed with the constant improvements to the Wonder Watt Agile Octopus integration that I’ve become far more relaxed and confident about what it’s doing, whereas previously I was always checking what slots had been allocated, had it successfully etc. A great job by the developers. 👍” - User ‘KevinD’

“Setting up Export is incredibly easy with app.wonderwatt.com” - Seymour H.

“I use Wonder Watt and it’s really good. Set and forget, pretty easy to use and working well with my GivEnergy set up.” - Ian S.

“A thumbs up for Wonder Watt - the developer has been really pro-active at getting agile working and are extremely responsive to any issues/queries.” - R W.

“Battery installed yesterday. Using Wonder Watt today. Looks like working fine with my Givenergy battery, agile tariff and heat pump. Well done Wonder Watt.” - Pat H.

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