Get a £20 / $25 Amazon voucher for signing up and using Wonder Watt

Get a £20 / $25 Amazon voucher for signing up and using Wonder Watt

We are thrilled to announce a special promotion at Wonder Watt for the remainder of the month of June 2023.

As a token of appreciation to our valued users, starting from 14th of June, we are giving away a £20 Amazon voucher to the next 25 people who sign up and utilise the Wonder Watt service.

Participation is open to all individuals who own a Growatt or GivEnergy inverter with battery storage.

Wonder Watt’s smart charging app optimises the charging and grid export process for your solar energy storage system, allowing you to maximise the use of renewable energy while reducing costs.

With our in-house algorithm and solar forecasting based on your location’s weather forecast, you can experience the power of intelligent energy management.

To take part and claim your £20 Amazon voucher, simply sign up and start using the Wonder Watt service during the remaining days of June. As soon as you’re onboarded, you will be automatically entered into the promotion.

The first 25 qualifying participants will receive their Amazon vouchers as a token of our gratitude.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to both enhance your solar energy management and receive a reward for your valuable feedback. Sign up now and join the Wonder Watt community!

Note: Terms and conditions apply. The promotion is valid only for the first 25 qualifying participants who sign up and use the Wonder Watt service between 14th of June and the end of June 2023.

Amazon vouchers will be sent electronically to the winners after the promotional period ends.

Using the service means: having enabled Smart Charging or if applicable, enabled ‘Optimise Export Tariff’.

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM us on Twitter or drop us a line via e-mail.