Multiple schedules: Smart charging and export slots for Growatt and GivEnergy

Multiple schedules: Smart charging and export slots for Growatt and GivEnergy

We are pleased to announce the general availability of the long-awaited multiple schedules functionality for our users with GivEnergy or Growatt systems on Time-Of-Use (TOU) tariffs.

This means you can now configure up to five schedules, be it a charge or export schedule. You can do this via one unified view, called ‘Schedules’, which replaces the previous ‘Smart Charging’ and ‘Optimise Export tariff’ views.

This article details how Wonder Watt is transforming energy management for users on TOU tariffs, with multiple easy-to-use schedules, delivering a streamlined, cost-effective, powerful and above all, hands-off approach.

Tailored support for Growatt and GivEnergy users

Growatt and GivEnergy systems have set the standard for efficient solar energy solutions.

With Wonder Watt’s latest enhancements of multiple smart charge and export schedules, users of the following models can experience an unprecedented level of control and efficiency for smart charging as well as predictive export:

Growatt models:

  • SPH 10000 TL3 BH-UP
  • MOD 10000 TL3-XH
  • SPH 8000 TL3 BH-UP
  • SPH 6000 TL BL
  • SPH 5000 TL BL
  • SPH 3600 TL BL-UP
  • SPA 3000 TL
  • MIN 5000 TL-XH
  • MIN 6000 TL-XH

GivEnergy models:

  • GIV-AC3.0
  • GIV-HY3.6
  • GIV-HY5.0
  • GIV All-In-One (AIO)

Wonder Watt ensures that both hybrid and AC-coupled systems are fully supported, making it a versatile choice for a variety of setups.

Note that if your specific model is not in this list, this does not automatically mean it is not supported. The list above is of confirmed working models.

To give our service a try, and see what it’s all about, click the button below.

Smart and predictive charging: elevating your energy game

Wonder Watt revolutionises how users interact with TOU tariffs. By allowing users to import and charge at cheaper rates and then utilise the stored energy during costlier periods, Wonder Watt not only maximises savings but also enhances overall energy efficiency.

With our in-house algorithm and solar forecasting based on your location’s weather forecast, you can experience the ease and hands-off approach of intelligent energy management.

Another way in which this intelligent management is being achieved is by automatically reducing the charge rate to allow for the target charge to be achieved at the end of your defined period. This is widely recognised as a method to enhance battery longevity.

Users can now create up to five customised schedules for charging or forced discharge/export to the grid, optimising their energy usage based on personal needs and TOU tariffs.

Multiple schedules in Wonder Watt
Multiple schedules in Wonder Watt

It is worth pointing out that the schedules are 100% managed at the Wonder Watt end, and as such it means that multiple charge slots or export slots do not have to be supported by your inverter directly.

GivEnergy’s Gen1 and Gen2 inverters for instance only have a single charge slot that can be configured.

This adaptability makes Wonder Watt a leader in energy management for those seeking to maximise their Growatt and GivEnergy systems’ potential.

User-friendly and future-ready

Wonder Watt is synonymous with simplicity and innovation.

It’s designed for users who want a powerful, yet straightforward, cloud-based solution without the need for complex coding or technical knowledge.

Our platform’s user-friendly nature means you spend less time managing and more time enjoying the benefits of efficient energy use.

Upcoming enhancements: support for Octopus Agile tariff

In the coming weeks, we are set to introduce support for the Octopus Agile tariff, providing unparalleled flexibility and even more opportunities for cost savings.

Octopus Agile is coming to Wonder Watt
Octopus Agile is coming to Wonder Watt

This update will be particularly exciting for Growatt users, offering an easy way to integrate with Octopus Agile, that has long been missing from out-of-the-box solutions.

A community-driven approach

At Wonder Watt, we believe that the best ideas come from those who use our service.

That’s why we’ve established the Community Forum at

In these forums, users can share feedback, request features, and engage in discussions.

Your insights help shape the future of Wonder Watt, ensuring that we continue to improve and deliver solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Because with Wonder Watt, the power is truly in your hands.